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THERE are a few things people get wrong when setting up their WiFi.

Where you place the router in your home is crucial to staying connected, according to Virgin Media.

First of all, the router needs to be placed at least one metre away from other objects.

Tucking it into a bookshelf or at the back of a busy desk is no good, as nearby objects and clutter can obstruct or slow down the connection.

It is also best to avoid placing it near other objects with signals, such as baby monitors and cordless phones.

This is because it can interfere with WiFi signals and confuse the router.

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Thirdly, the router needs to be kept upright with lights facing into the room.

"That way your Hub’s strongest WiFi signal goes outwards – not into the floor," according to Virgin.

If these don't work and you're WiFi is still slow, then sometimes, turning it off and then on again really is the solution.

But if all else fails, check that there isn't an unwanted user on your WiFi network dragging down the internet speed.

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There are three key signs that someone's using your WiFi without your permission.

How do I boot them off?

If you see an unauthorised device in the router's app or admin control panel, there is usually an option to block, ban, or disconnect the device. 

However, you can instead change the router's password.

Although, this means that every one of your devices will need to login in again with the new password.

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