Full list of legal changes this month including benefits increase

Britons may want to note several legal changes coming in from this month with the new financial year. Millions of people will see their wages and benefits payments increase but tax rates are also going up.

Water bills increase

Water bills are to go up by an average of £31 with a typical household to pay £448 a year.

How much more a person will pay depends on what region of the UK they live in.

People may want to check their taps and shower heads are not leaking to make sure they are not unnecessarily adding to their bill.

Council tax increase

Most households in England are being hit by a five percent increase in their council tax bill.

Councils can increase their rates by up to five percent without holding a referendum with many opting for the full amount.

Some parts of Scotland and Wales are to get a similar rates hike although in some regions of the UK rates are increasing by more than 10 percent.

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Wages increase

From April, the National Living Wage and the National Minimum Wage are to go up, providing an income boost for millions of workers.

These are the new rates:

  • National Living Wage (the minimum wage for people aged 23 and over) – £10.42
  • 21-22-year-old rate – £10.18
  • 18-20-year-old rate – £7.49
  • 16-17-year-old rate – £5.28
  • Apprentice Rate – £5.28
  • Accommodation Offset – £9.10.

Benefits and state pension to increase

Many benefits including Universal Credit, PIP and Pension Credit are to increase by 10.1 percent in the new tax year, from April 6.

The payment increase means a family on Universal Credit will benefit by an average of £600 next year.

The state pension is also increasing by 10.1 percent with the full basic state pension increasing from £141.85 a week to £156.20 a week.

Those on the full new state pension will see their payments increase from £185.15 a week to £203.85 a week.

Broadband and mobile phone bills to increase

Broadband and mobile bills are to increase in line with inflation plus an additional percentage with bills increasing by at least 14 percent.

Benefits claimants may want to check if they can get a social tariff to get a discount on their bill.

Vodafone offers an Essentials Broadband package for £12 a month while BT offers two packages at different speeds, one at £15 a month and the other at £20 a month.

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