Amazing hack helps your Android phone run five TIMES faster and it takes just seconds – here's how to do it | The Sun

A TECH expert has revealed how an amazing hack can help your Android phone run five TIMES faster – and it takes just seconds.

South African influencer Tyron demonstrated the hack on TikTok, where he shares hundreds of laptop, phone and camera tips.

He said: "Here's how to make your Android device run much faster.

"Head over to your settings and scroll down to About Phone.

"You then are going to want to select Software Information and then tap on your 'Build number' multiple times until it says 'Developer mode has been enabled'.

"You're going to go back twice and select 'Developer options'.

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Once you have clicked on the 'Developer options' tab, scroll down to the three tabs named 'Window animation scale', 'Transition animation scale' and 'Animation duration scale'.

Tyron said: "Scroll down until you find these three animation scales and change all three to 0.5X.

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"It's that easy. You're welcome."

The Sun has tried out Tyron's hack, which does genuinely seem to make your phone snappier and more responsive without any apparent downsides.

Make sure you that if you try the hack you set the animation scales to 0.5X, not 5X, as the latter will drastically slow your phone.

Tech fans were divided over Tyron's genius hack.

Belle said: "Thank you dear, my phone is super fast now."

Richard said: "It doesn't make it faster, it just makes your apps skip their opening animations.

Munir said: "This is old. I knew about this ten years ago."

Chris said: "Just get a better phone."

It comes after a mum revealed her life-changing hack for keeping your kids safe when they use an iPhone.

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