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A CAR SALESMAN has revealed the five things you need to know before buying your next car – and it could save you thousands.

With the high cost of living, drivers are looking to buy an affordable car that covers all their needs.

Handily, a car salesman – who has chosen to remain anonymous – has shared with the Daily Mail five tips drivers need to know before purchasing a car.

Never ask for the best price

Being straightforward with a sales executive is the best strategy.

Say what you want, because asking questions like ‘What is your best price?’ is too general – and at that point, the best price is the one on the sticker.

Remember that if a car has been on the forecourt for a long time, it has likely already been discounted and won't have much margin left, so you might not receive the deal you expected.


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Hit dealerships at the end of sales quarters 

Dealerships are eager to hit targets as the sales quarters are coming to a close.

If selling a vehicle at a loss will help them reach a larger target and, in turn, a more considerable income, they will do it.

Rethink the value of your part-exchange vehicle 

The best course of action when part-exchanging a car is to have an amount in mind that represents what you're willing to pay for the notional cost of the new vehicle, less the notional value of your old vehicle.

It doesn't actually advance the process if you focus only on the worth of your old car.

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Be honest and straightforward so the dealer can determine whether they can close the deal.

Don't be a buyer dealers want to avoid

There are customers whom sales executives learn to avoid.

The anonymous salesperson revealed it’s a sixth sense they quickly develop.

Signs include someone looking at a £2,500 car picking up every single niggly little thing, which of course, is priced in, and demanding big discounts.

They’ll go through all the paperwork in detail and start shouting about their rights under the Consumer Rights Act or the Sale of Goods Act in the first instance. 

Sales staff get a commission for GAP insurance

Sales executives don’t make much money out of adding options to the car.

However, 'real money' is made by add-ons like GAP insurance, paint and interior protection.

GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) insurance covers the difference between the money you paid for the car and the amount your insurer will pay out should it be written off.

If they sell you a GAP insurance policy, they will receive an additional £300 to £500.

This comes after a car dealer revealed six tips for buying a second-hand car.

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