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NOBODY wants to land in hot water when it comes to boiling the kettle.

Whether it's spoiling the perfect cuppa or posing a fire risk, these three common mistakes can be disastrous.

According to consumer organisation Which?, the first thing people get wrong about their kettle is ignoring a faulty lid.

If you've got a problem with the lid of your kettle, it's always worth fixing it because it could be ramping up your energy bills.

Try and replace the springs by detaching the lid with a screwdriver and removing the dodgy ones and replacing them.

Alternatively, you could try lubricating the seal if the lid refuses to open or close.


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Any kind of vegetable or olive oil would work for this and is safe to ingest too.

"If your kettle keeps boiling and doesn't switch off by itself, you should double-check that the lid is closed properly," says Which?.

"If the lid is even slightly open, steam will escape from the top and prevent the thermostat from reaching the necessary temperature to activate the auto shut-off."

Secondly, if your kettle keeps switching on or off while using it, or if the appliance keeps boiling and doesn't switch off by itself – it's time to consider buying a new one.

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"Kettles switching on unexpectedly is a more serious problem, as this could pose a fire risk if there's no water in them," says Which?

"If this happens to you, unplug your kettle so it can't happen again – you may have a faulty thermostat, which is impossible to fix yourself."

The third thing you're getting wrong is letting limescale build up in your kettle.

Limescale can build up quickly, especially in hard water areas.

But it's likely ruining your tea.

Limescale affects the taste of the water coming from a kettle, even after the water has been boiled.

"If you're having issues with limescale in your kettle (the spout becoming blocked or chalky deposits being left in hot drinks, for example) the first thing you want to do is give the kettle a good clean," says Which?.

Filling your kettle with a mixture of white vinegar (or lemon juice if you're out of vinegar) and water can often do the trick.

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Although random internet solutions and cleaning hacks tend to pop up from time to time – these should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Always think twice before using harsh chemicals to clean your kettle, and always do your research before mixing chemicals and cleaning products.

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