I swapped my Ford for a Tesla and I’m not happy – the quality is embarrassingly bad and some of the tech is garbage | The Sun

A DRIVER who swapped their Ford for a Tesla is not happy and says some parts of the pricey electric car are simply 'garbage'.

Despite offering many positive ownership points, such as access to the Tesla Supercharger network, it appears many Tesla owners are not satisfied with their car's overall build quality – particularly considering the hefty price level.

Reddit user @u/7710734R wrote a post about his experience with a Tesla Model Y – which costs from £45k in the UK.

The poster previously had another battery-powered car – a Ford Mach-E – and now regrets swapping it.

He said: "I've had my car (Model Y) in for service three times now. Two were factory screw-ups, including a missing part of my front brakes. 

"One was error codes relating to the vision system. They had to replace a camera. I need to bring it in a fourth time now because the back window doesn't close all the way each time the door is shut. 


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"About 20% of the time, the door will shut, but the window will not go up to seal, so I have to open it and close it again. Annoying to have to double-check each time."

The poster revealed that he has never trusted the Tesla Autopilot system, which is onboard driver assistance tech particularly designed for use when driving on motorways.

"Making the trip to my parent's house and back home, I cannot use even basic features like speed assist anymore because I'm scared of phantom braking.

"The last one was a very hard brake for no reason, and the car behind me had to swerve away. I can't even trust the entire system anymore, and I only use it if there are no other cars on the road."

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The poster claims that the wipers only work well when it's raining heavily.

He said: "Fine sometimes, neurotic others. If it's raining drops, they seem to work.

"When it's misting, or my windshield is just getting road moisture kickback, they completely fail to engage.

"If there's a slight morning dew, they'll engage at full blast while parked. I set auto wipers on my Mach-E on day one and never thought about them again."

Users were quick to comment on the post.

One said: "The phantom braking and auto wipers are the worst things about Tesla to me.

Another replied: "They’re going to continue to be pressured on price and somehow I doubt quality will be getting better.

While one Reddit user responded: "It's for this reason that I give an extra wide berth to all Teslas I'm behind. Just in case."

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