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A CAR expert has revealed that he has driven more than 1,000 miles in a Tesla, but that he'd never buy one.

The EV specialist revealed that he loves electric cars, but believes that Teslas are not reliable enough for him.

Tom Pritchard, a car expert at Tom's Guide, claims that he has driven 1,000 miles for work and pleasure, and his feelings about the Tesla electric cars are mixed at best.

He said: " My disapproval of the cars goes a little deeper than what you can read in a headline, or a comment on a Reddit forum.

"It all stems from the fact Tesla offers a very different kind of experience to other electric cars and, frankly, it doesn’t feel like a particularly good one.

"It’s also not a criticism about electric cars. While the cost of recharging has risen quite a bit over the past several weeks, and petrol prices have taken a dip since the summer, I much prefer being able to plug in than fill up.


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"Not to mention that my car is pretty spacious for its size, offers instant torque for speedy getaways and a one-pedal driving mode."

His biggest problem with the Tesla design is the extreme minimalism employed throughout the cabin.

He continued: "In the Model 3 and Model Y, virtually everything is condensed into a single central touchscreen.

"There are only a handful of features that don’t employ the touchscreen in some way, and those are relegated to a few levers and dials around the steering column. 

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"The thing that always baffles me most is that Tesla’s two cheapest cars don’t have a dedicated driver display or gauge cluster behind the steering wheel.

"Instead, if you want something as simple and important as your current speed, you need to glance over at the central display."

He added: "The Model S and Model X do have a driver display, but the trade-off is that they come with a steering yoke instead of a traditional steering wheel. 

"The over-reliance on the touchscreen is my biggest issue. Not only because of the lack of tactile feedback, but also because any fault in the screen will render your car completely useless."

This comes after a driver claimed that he bought a Tesla Model 3, but the door handles are a pain, and the truck door is a nightmare for letting water in.

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