Pensioner slapped with ‘unexplained’ energy bills totalling £1,508

Bryan Wolsey was left “bewildered” to find that his energy provider had charged him more than £1,508 in two separate bills in the same month. The 70-year-old from South Derbyshire claimed there was a £2,000 difference in their calculations which made “made no sense.”

Mr Wolsey switched energy providers on February 2, 2023, after having previous troubles with his energy provider E.ON.

After sending off his last meter reading, he sent an email to E.ON showing them he was £514.86 in credit on February 13 so they would send his money.

However, he claimed he didn’t receive the cash and E.ON was “further complicating” the dispute.

On March 18, Mr Wolsey checked his account to find two charges.

He checked his account as alarmed to see was billed £1,144.28 and £363.76 on the same day with no explanation.

He told Derbyshire Live: “It’s ridiculous. It’s just, ‘Computer says, you must pay’.

“Apparently there’s a £2,000 difference in our calculations and it just makes no sense to me whatsoever.”

Mr Wolsey was left with a total bill of £1,508.04 by the provider.

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Mr Wolsey explained he had calculated all his readings himself on a spreadsheet and was confident that E.ON owes him money.

They had also reversed his credit to a debt which left him understandably “upset.”

He continued: “I’ve had no apology, no response of any substance and no explanations in the two months since I left.

“My calculations may be £10 or £20 off but not £2,000. My next step is to go to Ofgem and the Energy Ombudsman.

“I’m a rather persistent sort of chap. I will persist with it. Now they’ve really got under my skin, I’ll go for every penny.”

E.ON has since apologised for the problems and says they are working to resolve the matter.

Mr Wolsey was previously with Igloo until its takeover by E.ON following its collapse.

He explained the issues with E.ON began after they told him his smart meter was broken.

Mr Wolsey then started sending manual readings in every month to ensure he was getting the right bills.

He claimed he did not receive his first statement until March 2022, at least five months after he became an E.ON customer.

An E.ON spokesperson said: “We are aware that Mr Wolsey has experienced issues with his metering and billing and we are sorry for this.

“We are working to resolve these issues and will confirm the outcome of our findings to Mr Wolsey as soon as we can.” has contacted E.ON for comment.

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