‘I came to the UK with £200 and a bike – now my company makes £7million a year’

A man who moved to the UK with just £200 and a bicycle is now fronting a multimillion-pound business delivering medical supplies to GPs and clinics across the country.

Alex Landowski, 37, arrived in the UK from Poland 13 years ago and landed a job as an unpaid cycle courier in London.

Now, the entrepreneur employs a team of 25 and more than 50 contractors for his own business, Medical Logistics, and is turning over £7million a year, the Mirror reports.

Aged 24, Mr Landowski had no plan and was sleeping on the floor of his friend’s bedroom. Fast forward 13 years, his hi-tech firm, which recently launched a groundbreaking drone delivery service, is the capital’s only 24/7 dedicated medical courier service.

Mr Landowski migrated with hopes to make enough money to repay a £20,000 debt from a failed sneaker shop in Poland.

He said: “I was young and inexperienced. I made a lot of money quickly and I wasn’t ready for anything like that mentally. I became sloppy and lost everything. I had to pay back the government about £20,000.”

With his last £200 and limited English, Mr Landowski headed to London, explaining: “With its size, I felt, you’ll actually be able to do something there.”

He eventually found a job as a bike courier after weeks of searching, but the role was unpaid. He said: “I was already low on my £200 and started to run out of money. I couldn’t keep cycling around London for no money, so I quit. But those three weeks gave me an understanding of London – I could now tell people I had experience.”

He was then able to secure a paid bike courier job, which meant he could save enough to rent his own room in Bethnal Green. Determined to better his conditions, he became one of his employer’s top riders and doubled his income from £30 to £60 a day.

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It wasn’t long before Mr Landowski came up with his multi-million-pound idea. He said: “My former employer was small but very good, they had a good service level. And I was thinking, there was nobody providing dedicated medical couriers in London with that kind of service level. That was my plan.”

He secured a £50,000 investment from a friend and started delivering to GPs and clinics, which soon led him to take things to a new level – using drones to deliver urgent blood supplies, medicines and lab samples.

Mr Landowski said: “Drones are a natural path forward – the tech can save lives, time and the environment. Delivering organs is not far off.”

However, he added: “I never expected it to take off like this.”

Now residing in the Cots­wolds with his wife and two children, Mr Landowski said he is proud to have been able to create jobs: “It’s my way of saying thank you for letting me in. The UK has always treated me good. Every time I tell this story, it has some positive impact.”

Fizza Qureshi, of the Migrants’ Rights Network, said: “We know migrants enrich communities and have a positive impact on our society when they are given safe havens and the right conditions to thrive.”

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