Walmart customer discovers £73 TV essential is scanning for just £27

Walmart has slashed the price of a $92 (£73.69) TV console down to just $27.25 (£21.83). The item in question is the Mainstays TV Stand, for TVs up to 54″, Rustic Weathered Oak Finish.

It currently has over 100 five-star reviews on the supermarket’s website and is available to buy either in-store or online.‌

YouTube bargain hunter Yeni Maduena discovered the TV console at her local Walmart and scanned it with her Walmart app.

Upon doing this, she discovered the item had been reduced to only $27.25 (£21.83) as part of a clearance deal.

In a video titled: “OMG! These prices are insane! WALMART CLEARANCE”, Ms Maduena shared the deal with her viewers.‌

She explained: “This TV console is also on clearance. It is $92 (£73.69) for the original price but it is ringing up to only $27 (£21.63).

“It is such a good price for this. Here’s its (the TV) barcode. Hopefully, you guys can find this item as well.”‌

The YouTube content creator added: “They have three of them here at this location.”

On the Walmart website, those who have purchased the television stand have left reviews which mostly praise the home essential item.‌

One customer named Emma said: “My husband was able to put this stand together no problem. The exterior is actually quite beautiful and it is quite sturdy for the price.‌

“It holds a lot of our movies and our DVD player with extra shelf space. I recommend for anyone that wants a nice, affordable TV stand.”

Another customer named Erika added: “This is a great piece for the price and the instructions were easy to follow.‌

“It took me about two hours to put it together by myself and not really working in a rush.”

People interested in finding a hidden clearance sale in their local Walmart store can do so via the supermarket’s app.

After downloading the app, customers will be able to see the check a price icon on their screen.

When someone clicks on this icon, they will be able to scan the barcode of any item they wish.‌

Once this has done been, customers will see the price of the item pop up on their phone screen.

Bargain hunters need to make sure their location service setting is turned on and their location is set to the store they are in.

Furthermore, consumers will be able to find where items are located in the store using the Walmart app.

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