Roadworks planned on notorious 'optical illusion' street after dozens injured – but work ISN'T to do with 'hidden' kerb | The Sun

WORK is set to take place on the notorious “optical illusion” street after dozens of people say they have been injured – but the changes are nothing to do with the “hidden” kerb.

A cycle lane has been branded “dangerous” and said to be the cause for at least 59 injuries at Keynsham High Street, near Bristol.

This has been blamed on the kerb and painted white lines looking similar and causing an "optical illusion" resulting in people misplacing their step.

It has been revealed that remedial works to repair paving slabs and replace damaged bollards and cycle stands on the high street will take place from June 5 to June 24.

However, a local councillor has stressed that the work is not in connection with the reported cycle lane issues.

Councillor Paul Roper said: "The works to repair the broken paving slabs and replace cycle stands and bollards have been scheduled for some time.

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“We are conscious of the concerns about trips and falls linked to the cycle lane and so it's understandable that people may wonder what is happening when contractors arrive.

"I’d like to take this opportunity to reassure residents that we take the concerns extremely seriously, which is why we have already acted by introducing the red coloured cycle lane finish that has reduced the number of reported incidents significantly.

“A Stage 4 Road Safety Audit will follow the remedial works.

"Alongside the audit, the council will undertake a design review over the summer, to assess whether additional enhancements can be made to reduce trips and falls further.

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“We recognise that pedestrian use within the high street has changed as a result of a significant reduction in cars passing through.

“If action is needed we’ll consider the options.

"Ward councillors representing the high street have been kept updated on this.

“We have also contacted traders to inform them about the repair works and we apologise for any disruption for businesses and residents during the works."

The planned repairs will mean that parking bays will need to be suspended in the high street while the works are completed.

Additional street furniture will also be installed to protect the footpath from vehicle overrun in the future.

Access to the shops will be maintained and the footpath will remain open.

Loading bays and the bus stop will remain in operation.

The cycle lane was installed last March by the Liberal Democrats-run Bath and North East Somerset Council and it had to be repainted red in August 2022 after 46 injuries were reported in just six months.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Conservative MP for North East Somerset, said in a tweet in April: “It should go back to being a two-way street. This experiment has failed.”

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In April this year, 71-year-old Mary Richmond was left fuming after she says tripped on the “tiny” kerb in the high street, breaking her shoulder.

Later the same month, Dave Dawson, 76, was left bloodied and bruised after tripping over the “optical illusion” cycle lane.

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