Millions of Gmail users on iPhone and Android receive huge upgrade that will change your emails forever | The Sun

GOOGLE has started adding AI to Gmail accounts on smartphone which can write your emails for you.

The tech giant has started rolling out its Help Me Write tool to testers on iPhone and Android.

It'll help take the hassle out of writing emails yourself by simply providing details of what it is you wish to say.

You can also use it to check over and edit an email you've already written yourself.

Users can tell the AI tool to make an email less or more wordy, and even tell it to adjust the tone, such as formal.

Of course, it's still very much in testing so the tool is likely to make some mistakes.

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So always give your messages a proper read through before sending.

Google recently revealed a load of new AI tools as it attempts to take on ChatGPT.

Last month, the company showed an example of AI at work generating a quick job description for you in Google Docs.

And in Google Sheets, the AI was able to create a client document for a dog walker.

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For Google Slides, Google showed how AI can use slides as prompts for image generation.

It can create 6 to 8 images that you might want to use on your slide, based on the words you've got on it.

Google's AI sidekick can suggest smart prompts to help you out.

If you're writing in Google Docs, it can offer questions that help you write – or give you ideas.

And in Gmail, it can find the information you need for an email you're writing (like dishes people have said they're bringing to a potluck).

In Slides, the AI sidekick can also create speaker notes for each slide.
This is a game-changer for anyone who has to present anything.

There's also a new AI-powered Google Search coming our way.

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