Driver warning over easy windscreen washer error that could end up costing you THOUSANDS | The Sun

A DRIVER has warned about an easy windscreen washer error – which could end up costing you THOUSANDS.

The MINI owner noticed that her car washer fluid levels were low, so she went to a local garage to buy more to top it up.

But within ten minutes of completing the simple task herself, she found that her car was smoking and emitting a blue cloud from the engine.

Mysteriously, the windshield washer light was still flashing.

It was quickly discovered that instead of fixing the issue, she had inadvertently caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to the car. 

When an employee from the garage went out to inspect it, he discovered that the woman had poured the washer fluid where the motor oil should go.


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As a result, the MINI's engine was covered in a green/brown foamy sludge.

The driver had to replace the engine paying around £3,500 – and it's a mistake that she won't forget in a hurry.

The post was uploaded by Club BMW Voiture Allemande Région centre in France and has had more than 25,000 comments.

Users were left in shock after seeing the pictures on social media – and were quick to comment.

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One said: "It's funny, but this can happen to all of us."

A second commented: "As a professional, you have to ask people if they know where to put the windshield washer… not everyone knows everything."

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