I'm a car mechanic and my £3 hack means your electric windows should last forever – it only takes seconds too | The Sun

A CAR mechanic has revealed a £3 hack that means your electric windows should last forever.

The mechanic – with more than 50 years of experience – uploads videos on social media to help drivers with their car maintenance.

TikTok user @scottykilmerofficial took to social media to explain a cheap hack that should help your car's electric windows last longer – and you only need silicone lubricant spray.

You can find this product for only £2.75 on Amazon.

He said: "A little electric motor makes your windows go up and down.

"They're not that strong and if they get stressed too much, they will burn out.


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"If the runner gets too much friction, you should get some spray lubricant silicone and spray inside the runner.

"Now, you might make a little mess, but you can wipe that off with a towel.

"Just brake silicone, and it won't hurt anything as long as you wipe it off immediately.

"Then do the long backside, then run it up and down a few times."

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The mechanic recommends doing this two or three times a year to avoid costly repairs.

The video has had more than 376,400 views on TikTok – and viewers were blown away after discovering this handy hack.

One said: "Im going outside to do this right now. I have that silicone on the shelf. makes sense."

Another said: "Thank God we have Scotty to show us the way."

A third pointed out: "Awesome, fixed my window. Thanks."

This comes after an expert mechanic revealed the mistakes that could destroy your motor.

Plus, a mechanic claims that a £1 hack can leave your headlights spotless.

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