I'm convinced Facebook is LISTENING to us after my daughter noticed something strange on her feed, user claims | The Sun

A SHOCKED Facebook user has claimed that the social network is listening to her real-life conversations after noticing something odd moments later.

TikToker Shannon, from Louisiana, claims she had a chat with her daughter about holidays and couldn't believe that ads for the exact place she mentioned started appearing on her Facebook feed.

"Last night my husband and I were looking for rooms in Puerto Rico for an upcoming trip that we have and my daughter was sitting on the floor listening to our conversation," she explained.

"Today she sends me this: 'Our phones listen because y'all were talking about where to stay for vacation'.

"Now she sends me a video of what's showing on her feed on Facebook.

"She didn't pull up any information on her phone about Puerto Rico or where to stay, so this is on her phone, strictly from a conversation that she had with her parents."

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Facebook has had a number of users make similar spying accusations in the past but in reality there's no proof.

For example, an American coffee shop owner previously claimed that she saw ads for oat milk after talking to someone in real life about it.

Elsewhere, a man in Birmingham thought Facebook was listening to him after ads for a VR arcade started appearing following a conversation.

Experts have looked into it and found nothing untoward, so it's nothing more than an urban myth.

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Can Facebook listen to your conversations?

Facebook has repeatedly denied such claims, saying that it bases the ads you see on your interests and information from your profile.

A number of independent investigations have found no evidence that the US tech firm secretly listens to its users.

Experts say that, while Facebook has loads data, it's extremely unlikely that the company secretly records hundreds of millions of people.

Essentially, Facebook doesn't have to.

It knows enough about you from your browsing data and profile information to target you with very specific ads.

Facebook is able to build quite a detailed picture of what makes us tick.

Like many claims of Facebook hijacking phone microphones, the appearance of the ads was purely circumstantial.

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