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HINGE is one of the most popular dating apps in the world, with more than 23million users flocking to the platform in search of love last year.

But it can be hard to stand out in a sea of singletons, and it's even harder to show your funny side when you're forced to confine your personality inside a handful of written prompts.

So, here's some inspiration.

Funny Hinge Prompts

  1. A shower thought that I've had: Ouch, too hot!
  2. I'd donate a kidney for: Ten quid. Or the highest offer.
  3. I'll know I've found the one when: I don't have to work anymore.
  4. I'm the type of texter who: Makes typos because I fat fingers everythinf
  5. What if I told you: I actually know where I want to eat.
  6. My best Dad Joke: Are you my appendix because you make me feel funny on the inside and I wanna take you out.
  7. A fact about me that surprises people: I met my doppelganger at a fun fair. It was in the house of mirrors
  8. My most controversial opinion is: Comic Sans is an underrated font.
  9. This year, I really want to: Cook dinner in an IKEA kitchen.
  10. My most irrational fear is: Calling my boss 'mum'
  11. Teach me something about: Cooking. I can cook anything you want… as long as what you want is lasagna.
  12. A fact about me that surprises people: There's a really spooky skeleton under my skin.
  13. I'll know I've found the one when: We both enjoy long romantic walks to the fridge.
  14. Dating me is like: Going to Disneyland. Magical and exhausting all at once.
  15. I'd donate a kidney for: One of my parents. But I won't tell you which.

What does 'green flags I look for' mean on Hinge prompts?

A so-called 'green flag' is internet-speak for 'good qualities'.

They are the opposite of a red flag, or a red stop sign – which are bad news.


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Instead, they're signs that you are compatible with a person.

What should you not put on your Hinge profile?

When it comes to prompts, it's best to avoid repeating yourself – never mention the same thing twice.

You only have a certain number of prompts to show off your personality, so make each one count and avoid basing them on the same subject.

Don't choose generic answers either.

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Everyone knows that pineapple on pizza is a controversial opinion – make up something new.

Never cry over your break-up either.

In fact, don't mention it at all because other people will read that as you being emotionally unavailable for a new fling.

Lastly, don't demean yourself or use too much self-depreciating humour.

Be confident in yourself and put your best foot forward, that way other Hinge users will see you in your best light.

When it comes to pictures, avoid these six pitfalls:

  • Choosing filters or tools that change your face or body
  • Posting pictures of you with your ex-partner
  • Uploading too many selfies
  • Choosing pictures in which you are covering your face with a hat, sunglasses or hand pose
  • Removing too many clothes unless you are at the beach or vacationing outdoors
  • Having too many group pictures – it's important for other users to know which face is yours

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