Incredible Apple Vision Pro feature could be the ticket to a lifetime of first class flights for the price of economy | The Sun

AN APPLE leak has exposed a yet-to-be officially revealed Apple Vision Pro feature, which could be the ticket to a lifetime of first class flights for the price of economy.

Not only that, but it could completely distract from the many small annoyances of air travel and maybe even help you forget how cramped your legs are.

According to a report by MacRumours, Apple has a hidden code for a Travel Mode inside the beta version of Apple Vision Pro's operating system, called VisionOS.

VisionOS will essentially be the iOS of Apple's virtual reality headset.

The new feature is expected to enhance your experience while onboard a plane, helping you forget you're in a tin can in the sky.

It could be helpful for those afraid of flying.


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But it may also prove essential for those after a little bit of luxury for the price of economy.

With the Vision Pro goggles, users can cast any image or video they want in front of their eyes – and disconnect from their actual surroundings.

So, in theory, users will be able to feel like they're experiencing the finer things that come with flying first-class for the price of an economy ticket.

But Travel Mode won't let you completely lose touch with reality.

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There is mention of a "Remain stationary" prompt within Travel Mode, which experts believe will be a safety measure to stop people making large movements which could disturb others in the confined space of your aeroplane seat.

Some awareness features will be reduced during air travel due to the lack of space.

The feature's code also suggests that your digital persona will not be available during your flight.

Travel Mode for the Vision Pro is yet to be revealed in its full form.

But it certainly has its benefits so far.

However, there a couple catches.

Reports from the lucky few who have been able to try out the headset so far have said that the Vision Pro is heavier than they hoped it'd be.

So it could weigh on you on a long-haul flight.

And finally, if you can afford to the eyewatering price of $3,500 for the headset, then it's likely you can afford to splash out on first class tickets to begin with.

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