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A "CREEPY" hidden map feature in your mobile phone which tracks where you've been has been revealed.

Google's Photos and Maps tools have a secret trick which saves your location whenever you use your phone to snap a picture.

The "creepy" tech means your travels can be followed by anyone with access to not only your phone but also your Google account, according to the Mirror.

But experts have revealed ways you can try to cover up your Google Maps digital footprint – and also block your phone from using the intrusive feature in future.

Android and iPhone users are advised to launch the Google Photos app, tap the search option and then open the Google Photos settings under the Places section.

You can then remove – or add – locations by clicking on photos already taken and using the pencil icon.

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You can only edit or remove estimated locations, however, rather than any added automatically by the phone's camera.

Action can be taken, however, to prevent location details being secretly added to future pictures.

Apple iPhone users should go to Settings, then Privacy and security and finally Location services where you then switch off location for photos.

Android owners ought to opt for the Camera app, tap the sprocket icon, scroll down and cancel Location tags.

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Maps can be disabled in Google Photos by turning off Location history in your mobile's Settings and Privacy section.

Desktop users should open Google Maps then go to Manage Your Google Account, click on Data & Privacy then History and switch off Location History – while also setting an Auto Delete option.

Google issued a warning of their own earlier this month to Android users worried about certain people viewing their Maps locations.

The tech giant revealed you can block specific Google cccounts in certain products, including Google Maps.

IT experts have also given guidance on useful extra features Google Maps can offer – and of which many people have been unaware.

Other advice includes how to use Google Maps even when you have no signal or little data.

It can also come in handy in helping to swerve costly congestion charge zones.

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