Human-sized 'super drone' can fly one person at 50mph after just 10 minutes of training – but there's a brutal catch | The Sun

A NEW person-sized drone with a pilot's seat is surprisingly able to be flown by someone after only about 10 minutes of training.

McClic is the Monaco aerial photography and drone show company that has already taken its new MC One personal eVTOL on a successful test flight in 2022 after a series of tests.

The high-tech transportation device is a simple but futuristic-looking coaxial octacopter.

With someone having the ability to operate what McClic deems a flying car after just minutes of practice, there's a huge interest in what's behind its ease of flying.

The eVTOL has a drone-style flight control system that makes most of the hard work of flying, like balancing and adjusting against wind gusts, totally automatic.

The human-sized drone weighs around 353 pounds and has a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour.

A full battery charge on the MC One is said to get you up to 25 minutes of fly time, Monaco Tribune reported.

The large drone is fully equipped with eight carbon propellers and a mini roll bar behind the pilot's head.

The driver of the flying car isn't confined by any canopy, windshield or cabin as those elements can affect the overall experience of flying an airborne vehicle at considerable speeds.

McClic already started receiving orders for the flying machine and deliveries are scheduled to start next year but it's not as easy to get your hands on it as it is to fly.

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The cost of each drone is $150,000.

Some feel the price is way too high for the MC One to be competitive in the developing personal eVTOL market as the Jetson ONE is priced at $98,000, just over half the price of McClic's new drone.

Jetson Aero, which raised the price of its human-sized drone from $92,000 in February because of inflation, flies for up to 20 minutes on a charge and can reportedly carry a slightly heavier pilot.

That being said, the 2023 production of the flying car with a ballistic parachute built-in is already sold out, New Atlas reported.

A demonstration flight is planned from Monaco’s heliport this September.

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