People are just realising how to remote start their car using their key fob | The Sun

DRIVERS have been taken by surprise to learn a secret trick to remote-start your car from a distance.

A TikTok user has shared the hidden "hack" in a video which has gone viral online, winning acclaim from admirers describing his tip as "amazing" and "so cool".

The social media influencer posting as @car_connoisseur, or Dom Giovanni, captioned the 35-second clip with the words: "Hidden remote start the dealer doesn't tell you about!"

His footage has attracted more than 16,400 comments – with many saying the trick worked on their cars, though some pointed out it won't with other models.

Cars for which the key fob hack do seem to work include Fiats and Honda Civics, while the TikTok video features several motors including a Mercedes.

Dom Giovanni tells viewers about what he calls an "option on your car that you definitely have and you probably didn't know about".

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He explains: "You actually have a hidden remote start function on your car."

He tells people to press the "lock" button once and then the "unlock" button twice, to set the engine running before even getting inside.

Commenters who appeared pleased by the discovery included one who said: "Just tried it on my 1997 Honda Civic and it worked."

The original uploader replied: "Damn. Honda always ahead of their time."

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Another said, "1984 Fiat did work – thank you very much", while the TikTokker was also told: "It's working on my Fabia 1."

Less impressed, however, were viewers who offered responses such as "Tried this on my 1992 Daihatsu Rocky and it didn't work", "Not Audi" and "Doesn't work for Range Rovers".

More comments included "Not any Toyota" as well as: "Just tried it on my Porsche. Did not work."

There were also jokes made, including one person suggesting they used the trick to kickstart a car from 1960s cartoon The Flintstones – while another quipped: "I did this and my toilet flushed."

The revelation follows previous advice on a little-known key fob hack that could save drivers a fortune if getting locked out of their cars.

Car keys can also be ingeniously used to quickly cool down a motor's interior.

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