Wash towels ‘correctly’ to keep them ‘soft’ and ‘fluffy’

How to remove musty damp smells from towels

1. Overloading the washing machine

Deyan Dimitrov, CEO of Laundryheap, explained that in order to keep towels soft and fluffy, they must be washed “correctly”.

He said: “When starting a towel wash, it is important to not overload the machine so that each towel is rinsed properly.

“For the average size washing machine, a load of seven bath towels is about the maximum you should wash at any one time.”

Make sure to wash towels on a hot wash in order to get rid of bacteria and germs, and do not select a short cycle.

2. Using too much detergent

One common mistake when washing towels is using too much detergent in one load which can leave a residue on them.

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Deyan explained: “Try to use a little less detergent than normal – as when towels are overloaded with detergent, they become stiff and scratchy due to the build up residue.”

Using too much detergent can also give towels a dingy or faded appearance, which can make them look older than they are.

3. Not using white vinegar and baking soda

Although this isn’t crucial, using these two natural ingredients can massively help in the wash cycle to achieve soft towels.

The laundry pro added: “Both common household ingredients can be used separately as ways to transform rough towels to soft ones.

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“Simply add 250ml of white vinegar to the washing machine drum alongside the liquid detergent you normally use and dry as normal.

“You can also use bicarbonate of soda to make your towels soft and fluffy. Mix eight tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda with your laundry detergent before putting it in the washing machine.

“This will help loosen up the towel fibres and get rid of any dirt, keeping your towels as good as new.”

4. Adding fabric softener

Fabric softener can make towels smell and feel amazing, but they can leave a residue on them, which makes them less absorbent.

It can also result in towels taking longer to try, which can be a pain with such big laundry items.

If you do like the smell of fabric softener, using it every three to four washes shouldn’t be an issue.

5. Not washing them enough

Deyan recommended washing bath towels after three uses to get rid of bacteria growth and to prevent any smelly odours.

In some cases they do need to be washed every use, if you’ve used one to mop up sweat or if you have sensitive skin for example.

The expert noted: “You should also make sure to let your towel dry fully after every use to prevent germs.”

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