Three warns iPhone and Android owners over bad 'battery drain' settings – check your phone for three mistakes now | The Sun

THREE has revealed some of the common settings mistakes draining your battery life.

If you're low on charge and can't plug in, there are three settings that you'll definitely want to check.

The tricks are aimed at festival-goers over the summer.

But they're handy for anyone who might find themselves short on battery life while far from a charger.

Screen brightness

Mobile phone screens are brighter than ever.

But if you're constantly using max brightness on your iPhone or Android, it's going to quickly drain the battery.

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"It should come as no surprise that turning down your screen brightness can squeeze out some extra battery life," Three explained.

You can do this manually at any time.

But it may be more sensible to set up automatic screen brightness, so your phone adjusts to the best brightness for the ambient lighting around you.

Mobile data

Next up is switching off mobile data.

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There are a few ways to do this, including just totally turning it off.

If you switch off mobile data and turn off Wi-Fi (if you don't have a connection), your phone stop wasting energy trying to connect.

You can also activate Airplane Mode to do this instantly.

It's also possible to individually block apps from using data.

So if you don't need the internet on some or all of your apps, you'll save battery life by turning your connection off.

Automatic App Updates

Finally, another good option is to switch off automatic app updates.

"Like turning off mobile data, switching off automatic app updates for the stuff you’re not using can help save power," Three said.

"You can then put the juice you’ve saved to better use updating your Insta story, for example."

This can mean two things.

The first is stopping your apps from automatically installing software updates by changing your settings.

But you can also turn off Background App Refresh.

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This will prevent apps from refreshing in the background, which puts a strain on your battery life.

Just remember to reset your settings to normal once you're out of your battery life crisis.

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