Driver blasts ‘typical BMW driver’ for almost causing motorway crash – but everyone’s saying the same thing | The Sun

A MOTORIST has blasted a "typical BMW driver" after they almost cause a motorway crash – but everyone's saying same thing.

Posting under the username 'McEnroe' on TikTok, the driver uploaded dashcam footage of what he described as a "near miss".

The video starts by showing a driver on the M4 dangerously changing lanes without indicating just a few feet ahead of the TikToker's motor.

The reckless driver – who is travelling at some speed – then swerves across all three lanes as he continues his journey.

Trying to regain control the idiotic driver brakes desperately but not before bumping into the back of a car merging onto the main motorway from the slipway.

Incredibly, footage shows the BMW appearing to indicate only after hitting the other driver.

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But the dangerous motorist was not done there.

With the motor swerving wildly from the collision, the driver careers right and only just misses another car on the right-hand lane.

Thankfully no one appeared to be hurt in the incident but it could easily have been a terrible outcome.

The BMW driver was guilty of a number of offences, not least dangerous driving.

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Anyone found guilty of this can see 3 to 11 points on their license while other punishments can include an unlimited fine and being banned from driving.

Worst of all, the BMW motorist failed to stop after crashing into another motor – which could be considered a "hit and run".

Known in law as 'Failure to stop or report an accident', is a criminal offence in any case where injury or damage has been caused.

The driver is required to stop at the scene and provide their details.

Failure to do so can result in penalty points, a fine of up to £5,000 and even jail time.

As always, TikTokers were quick to take to the comments to share their opinions after watching the footage.

But apart from the terrible driving, a number of social media users pointed out one thing in particular.

"Nice bit of middle lane hogging," said one.

A second wrote: "Of course he is at fault completely but why does no one move over everyone's going the same speed."

While a third noted: "Why is everyone in the middle lane?"

Driving in the middle lane when you are not overtaking another vehicle – also known as lane hogging, is actually an offence – according to the Highway Code.

This is because the habit is classed as careless driving, much like driving too close to another vehicle.

It could land you with a £100 fine and three penalty points if you are given a fixed penalty notice.

If you stay in the middle lane you could prevent other motorists from overtaking behind you, causing traffic flow issues.

Others continued to blast the reckless driver in the comments.

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"BMW AUDI there all the same," said one.

Another commented: "Usual folk condoning his driving, scary that they hold a licence."

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