Furious Fitbit owners threaten to STOP using devices after nightmare update | The Sun

FRUSTRATED Fitbit users are hitting out after claims a new update to the fitness band has wrecked the product.

The criticism is aimed at the Fitbit Charge 5's performance after installing the new firmware version v194.61.

Instead of fixing bug errors and introducing new features, users are instead complaining the update has broken the trackers altogether.

This includes the devices having an intense battery drain – which can result in the typically days-long battery dying within hours.

Others have said their device is either unresponsive or unable to operate after installing the update.

One man took his grievances to an online forum where he said he has no other choice but to abandon the product.

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"My Charge 5 is dead. I am not sure what this firmware update did or didn't do but since this happening my Charge 5 is now dead," he wrote.

"Just like everyone else on this forum. It was working fine, I loved it and now it is dead and unusable. Tried all solutions and nothing. Fitbit killed my Charge 5, thanks!"

Another user said their Fitbit's performance was immediately impacted by the update.

"My Fitbit was working fine until last night," they wrote.

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"All of a sudden it was black face and unresponsive. I have tried every suggested solution and nothing works. 

"The Fitbit is not even a year old. Buying a new one at a discounted price is not an option. I will go somewhere else."

The update was supposed to make some minor changes to the Fitbit including adding all exercise modes to the tracker’s exercise app.

It was also designed to show the Daily Readiness Score directly on the Charge 5 for Premium subscribers, expand language support, improve clock faces, and include the usual assorted bug fixes.

In response to the chaos, some users have reported the company is giving people a 35 percent discount to buy a new Charge 5.

Fitbit's parent company Google has been contacted for comment.

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