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A MOTORING expert has revealed that Triumph is bringing back the classic TR2, but people have been left divided after seeing the dramatic-looking concept car.

Created by renowned automotive design house Makkina, the TR25 vehicle pays homage to the legendary 'Jabbeke' Triumph TR2.

The TR25 was built with permission from the German manufacturer BMW – which now owns the Triumph name.

This car uses the chassis, battery and major running gear of BMW's all-electric, rear-drive i3that appeared in 2013 – and went out of production last year, Autocar reports.

Makkina has achieved an impressive near 50-50 weight distribution for the TR25, allowing it to deliver the true handling prowess of a sports car.

Michael Ani, Director at Makkina said: "Our goal was to breathe new life into the timeless character of the original record-breaking 'Jabbeke' TR2 through interior and exterior design.


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"Utilizing the BMW i3S platform enables us to blend the charm of the TR2-inspired body shape with the versatility and adaptability of a cutting-edge powertrain, resulting in a seamless, fully electric experience.

"The i3S platform demonstrates that driving an electric car can be an exhilarating adventure! The combination of instant torque, agile acceleration, silent operation, and refined handling remains as captivating as ever."

It has a 42.2kWh battery capacity, and produces a healthy 181hp.

And the carbon fibre body reduces the vehicle's overall weight by over 205kg allowing the TR25 to reach 62mph in just 5.2 seconds – which is 1.7 seconds faster than the i3S.

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Makkina hasn't mentioned how much it costs to produce the Triumph TR25, and it's unknown if they will build any more examples.

But people on social media have been left divided after seeing the concept car.

One said: "Looks fantastic. Shame BMW won't look at it as a possible Z4 replacement."

A second said: "Won't make money, too many other just as good choices."

While a third pointed out: Surprise, surprise, yet another foreign-made car using a classic British name. What next? Riley? Alvis?"

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