Inside dangerous home where going to the toilet could give you electric shock

Silverdale House of Horrors | HYPE Building

A builder has recently uncovered a disturbing issue in a house that is undergoing conversion into a house of multiple occupancy (HMO) or a serviced accommodation, potentially for platforms like Airbnb.

The builder, John Sale, from Stoke on Trent, has shared his findings in a video, highlighting the dangerous toilet setup that could give anyone using it the shock of their lives.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, 43-year-old John Sale works as a consultant for HYPE Building and has gained popularity on YouTube for documenting his construction projects. In his latest video, he revealed a concerning problem in one of the property’s toilets.

To his astonishment, John has discovered the main light in the toilet is plugged into a socket located right next to the toilet pan.

Even more alarming is the presence of speaker cable running from the light fixture down to the power point. This setup poses a serious risk, as anyone who misses the target while using the toilet could inadvertently spray the live socket, resulting in a potentially dangerous electric shock.

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John said: “I don’t think we’ll have building regulations approval. And I’m absolutely loving the light that’s on speaker cable. Look at that. With a socket next to toilet.

“I don’t think that would be very good. Now just imagine this ladies – and gents. One comes in on a Friday or Saturday night, had a few too many sherbets. And as some men do, you come in here, and you start to aim, like so.

“And we miss, and we start firing over that. I wonder if you put two and two together what you get? A shock!”

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Aside from the shocking toilet discovery, there are plans to convert the rest of the house into four bedrooms, with two shared bathrooms and kitchenettes in some of the rooms.

John has already devised plans to expand the bathroom by removing the cupboard that previously housed the old water tank. Additionally, he intends to convert the space under the stairs into a linen cupboard, a necessary addition for a serviced accommodation setup.

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