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IF you spend any time on TikTok you will have noticed a new trend popping up on your live feed.

Called the NPC trend, there are a number of content creators who are moving towards this new type of content.

Millions tune into their live streams to watch their bizarre actions over and over.

But what is the latest NPC trend on TikTok, and why is it all about video games?

What is the NPC trend on TikTok Live?

There are a number of content creators using TikTok Live to stream themselves doing repetitive movements over and over.

It’s based on gaming NPCs who often bob in place, and repeat the same actions when you interact with them.

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These streamers try to keep their actions as uniform as possible as if they were controlled by AI, using the same movements, catchphrases and tone of voice.

Viewers can write to them and send emotes, and they will carry out various actions based on the images that are sent.

This often includes actions surrounding eating. 

For example, the viewer will send an ice-cream, and the streamer reacts by pretending to lick it and say “Oh ice-cream yum”.

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Creators such as Cherry Crush TV and PinkDollReal are best known for this.

How do content creators make money from the NPC trend on TikTok Live?

The viewer has to use coins to purchase different emotes or stickers and the creator is sent a portion of the revenue each time they’re used on their steam.

While each of these emotes costs just pennies, the amount sent means that it adds up to a decent revenue source.

People often send multiple batches of stickers at a time, and more expensive stickers will cause filters to appear and can lead to extended reactions.

Why is the NPC trend so popular on TikTok Live?

There are a few theories as to why the NPC trend is so popular with viewers on TikTok.

Certain actions include the streamer thanking the viewer on stream.

The repetitive actions are similar to video games, and people are intrigued to see a real person acting like a video game character.

The trend also encourages a high level of viewer interaction, and people like to see the streamer reacting to things they say and send.

Streamers complete reactions in quick succession meaning that there is always something new to watch on screen.

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Some have also incorporated interesting interactions to the stream, such as popping popcorn with a hair straightener.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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