5 items you should avoid putting in the microwave – including takeout containers

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Microwaves can be found in most kitchens but many Britons are unaware that there are certain items that may seem safe that should never be put in the popular appliance.

In fact, Google searches of “can you put cling film in the microwave” have actually risen by 5,000 percent in the last week alone.

Furthermore, searches for “can you put tin foil in the microwave” are up by 4,050 percent.

With this in mind, AO’s microwave expert, Katy Roberts, has shared which five items should never be put in a microwave.

Tin foil

Everyone knows not to put metal in the microwave but many people often forget that this includes tin foil.

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Katy warned that putting tin foil in the microwave is “extremely dangerous” because when tin foil is heated it becomes a conductor of electric charges which heats over rapidly.

As the metal heats up, sparks can start to appear which can eventually lead to a fire which may destroy the appliance.


Katy said paper bags and cardboard are “terrible” in microwaves as they are not designed to withstand heat and will catch fire more easily than tin foil.

They can also contain glues, waxes and other materials that can make it a safety hazard.


We’ve all put takeaway containers and plastic tubs in the microwave, but how safe is it really?

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Katy said: “Whilst some plastic containers are safe to use in the microwave, there are a couple you should avoid.

“Single-use plastics like Styrofoam, cling film, or even takeout containers should not be placed in the microwave.

“When these materials are heated up, they will either melt or ruin your food. Instead, place these contents onto a microwaveable plate.”

Boiled eggs

Many people cook scrambled eggs in the microwave but the one egg recipe that should never be put in the microwave is a boiled egg.

Katy said microwaving a whole egg is “more dangerous than you would think”. When unpeeled eggs reach a high temperature and then expand.

Steam then builds and the egg can explode. Not only will this likely lead to injury but homeowners will also face a big mess to clean up as well.


Katy explained: “Whenever a microwave is fired up with nothing inside, it can seriously harm your device.

“As the radiation builds in the empty microwave because it has no food to absorb the microwaves, this is sent back to the magnetron.

“This damages the device and could start a fire if left unattended for long enough.”

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