I'm a car mechanic with 55 years experience – my cheap hack will help your auto gearbox last longer & save you THOUSANDS | The Sun

A MECHANIC with more than 55 years of experience has revealed a cheap hack that will help your automatic gearbox last longer.

Scotty Kilmer, with more than five million followers on social media, claims that his hack could potentially save you thousands on repairs.

Scotty Kilmer explained: "Your automatic transmission is slipping. You're going to want to watch this. It's really annoying when you're driving down the road and your shift gears.

"Now it could be low on fluid, so check that first, but if it isn't, sometimes this can fix it (Lucas Oil 10009 Transmission Fix).

"What you do is drain one quart out of the transmission and put one quart of the slip fix in.

"Then you have to drive it about 250 miles and pray it works.


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"This Mazda, a rebuilt transmission, is £2,500. If you want to prevent slippage in the first place, change your fluid every 50,000 miles."

The video has gone viral on TikTok – with more than 161,000 views and 292 comments.

And users were appreciative of Scotty's amazing hack.

One said: "My car just jerks when I shift into reverse in the morning. I hope it's just because it’s old…"

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The poster answered: "That’s the first sign your transmission is going out, baby it and pray."

A second pointed out: "Why do transmissions cost so much?"

While a third pointed out: "Thanks for this amazing tip."

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