Idiot driver left his motor right next to mine in EMPTY car park – I got my revenge but people are divided who's wrong | The Sun

A FURIOUS driver took savage revenge after another motorist parked their car too close to his.

Zeke Williams erupted at the "selfish w*****" after they left such a narrow gap that he couldn't get into his own vehicle.

To add insult to injury, the car park was "pretty much empty", leaving the driver furious at the thoughtless act.

Taking to TikTok to share his rage, he blasted: "I've come back about two hours later to find this moron parked right on top of me.

"I'm a fat guy, that is a small gap for me."

He pans across the deserted car park, in an unknown location, showing row upon row of empty spaces, before coming back to his dilemma.


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The miffed motorist added: "Pretty much empty.

"Yet they chose to park right next to me, like a complete selfish w*****!"

But he was left so enraged by the silver Ford Focus Estate's antics he unloaded a whole bottle of sun cream over it.

The clip shows how Zeke douses the windscreen in a swirl of SPF.

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He then squeezes it over the side windows, giving them a generous lashing too.

But his retribution attack divided viewers, with some praising him while others branded him a vandal.

One said: "Well done! I hate when people do this in an empty car park."

But another stressed: "90 per cent of car park spaces are too small… We all suffer with this and don’t vandalise other peoples cars!"

A third barked: "No need to be as immature as he was by spraying stuff on his Windows just leave him or her a letter."

While one person jibed: "He's left more space than you have."

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