Ring owners go wild for super cheap 'must-buy' accessory that solves a massive problem | The Sun

RING fans are rushing to buy a new accessory under £20, that will save them a ton of cash in the future.

The home security company has truly kept renters in mind when designing this gadget.

Ring's No-Drill Mount can attach the second generation Ring Video Doorbell to the home without any damage to external walls. 

The mount means renting Ring fans can finally get their hands on a security doorbell with no fear of drilling holes in the property.

It's perfect for renters who can’t make any permanent changes to their property, and want to keep their financial deposit.

It's pretty easy to put up and take down.


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All users need to do is place their doorbell into the No-Drill Mount, remove the backing strip, and attach it to their wall.

To take it down, detach the doorbell, then pull down on the adhesive strips to separate the No-Drill Mount from the wall.

The No-Drill Mount will be most effective on even and smooth surfaces.

However, Amazon-owned Ring warned that it may be difficult to adhere the mount to shingles and rough stucco surfaces.

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The company also added that it shouldn't be mounted on glass.

The device is currently being sold for £17.99 on Amazon.

But it's important to note that it only works with the second generation Ring Video Doorbell.

The No-Drill Mount doesn't work with other models of Ring doorbells such as the first or third generation edition or the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

It also isn't suitable to mount the Solar Charger for the second gen Ring Video Doorbell.

It's best to wait until a few hours after you installed the mount to place the doorbell inside, said Ring.

"The adhesive tape is designed for one-time use, but the mount comes with one set of additional tapes for re-installation," the company noted.

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