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THE very thing designed to improve your Wi-Fi could be making it worse because of a simple mistake.

Many broadband providers offer pods to extend the reach of your connection around the home.

They're great for those black spots that struggle to get a reliable signal, such as in loft extensions where it's too high or further down your garden.

But Aman Bhatti, Director of Propositions for Broadband and Talk at Sky, has revealed to The Sun that people could be making a basic error with them.

It turns out having any pods too close to the main router hub can actually cause issues.

"If you’ve got your Max Pods and your hub close together that can interfere as well, so it’s just having the right placement between devices is really important as well," he explained.

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So if you've got pods too close to your Wi-Fi hub and you're having issues, you might want to move them.

Keep router in sight

Aman recently revealed a little trick to ensure your router itself is in the right place.

And it's very simple.

Basically, if you can see your hub it's most likely to perform.

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In other words, if it's hidden away in some cupboard, the speed and reliability will drop.

"If you’ve got line of sight of the hub and it’s visible then the likelihood of the connection being strong is higher," he said.

"And so things like storing it away in the cupboard and underneath the stairs for example, can cause some challenges with connections."

Sky launched its brand new Wi-Fi Max product earlier this month – described as its most powerful router yet.

The firm is promising its most powerful Wi-Fi package yet and guaranteeing speeds of up to 25Mbps.

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