Warning to millions of parents – dark websites are using one of the most popular children games to promote real gambling | The Sun

PEOPLE have spotted an upsurge in websites using a popular children’s game to promote gambling.

Not only this but the sites are contacting minors in order to collaborate and promote them.

According to a report by Sharpr, a number of websites have been spotted that encourage people to gamble using in-game currency.

Websites such as BloxFlip, RBXFlip, RBXLWild, and RBXGold, allow Roblox users to log in with their accounts and gamble in-game items, and the in-game currency Robux.

Statistics for Roblox show that 56% of users are under the age of 13, and 67% of users are under 16.

Just a tiny 14% of users are over 25, and the vast majority of Roblox users are children and teens.

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BloxFlip has a Discord server that has no age verification for entry, and gives out server roles based on how much you spend on the site.

Those who spend more than a million Robux on the site are eligible for the ‘Whale’ role, which equates to about £9k ($12.5k).

BloxFlip also contacts players and influencers, who are often minors, asking them to promote the site to their viewers for a cut of the revenue.

YouTuber DarkkHayden took to Twitter to reveal that they were offered an affiliate deal with BloxFlip to promote the site to their 300k YouTube subscribers.

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However, DarkkHayden is only 14 years old, and they’re not the only minor that have been offered such a deal.

An anonymous insider is quoted as saying: “90% of the people promoting [these sites] are underage.

“It’s not even difficult to figure that out just based on the type of content they put out.

“These gambling sites don’t do any due diligence in asking for the age of the people they’re promoting with.”

Roblox has no affiliation with these websites, but apparently is aware that there are sites like this out there.

The company has promised to take action against these sites, but this action has not been made public.

A statement reads: “Ensuring a safe and compliant online experience for users of Roblox is a core tenant of the company. 

“Roblox will continue to be vigilant in combating entities who engage in practices that are in violation of our policies or endanger the safety of our community.”

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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