I wash my car in a sexy bikini – moody ‘Karens’ look at me but I love it and everyone is saying the same thing | The Sun

A WOMAN claims that she washes her car in a sexy bikini, and moody "Karens" always look at her – but she loves it.

The grad student from Florida says that her neighbours stand across the street to see her cleaning her car.

TikTok user @seasonaldepression filmed herself scrubbing down a mat in a two-piece bikini.

She also opted for flip-flops and a black baseball cap as it was a very sunny and warm day.

The poster said on the video: "Had a main character moment today.

"Washing my car and mats in a skimpy bikini while a Karen stands across like."


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The woman captioned the post: "Best birthday present."

Users on social media were left in shock after watching the video – and were quick to comment below.

One said: "I've never supported anything more."

Another said: "'I would ask "Are you enjoying the show or making me feel uncomfortable"'

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