Slack down updates — Thousands of UK and US users struggled to send messages or use app in huge global outage | The Sun

ONLINE office tool Slack went down with users around the world reporting problems loading messages.

Problems with the popular programme began at around 10am BST/5am EST on Thursday, with thousands reporting issues on DownDetector.

But the majority of problems appear to be UK based, with over 4,000 users logging issues with loading messages on the website and app.

At around 11am BST, the company's official status account tweeted: "We've found the issue & working on it. We will be back up and running shortly."

Issues were resolved at around 11.30am BST, according to the app's official status page.

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  • By Louis Allwood

    When was Slack launched?

    When it launched in August 2013, around 8,000 customers signed up within 24 hours.

    Then in 2015, Slack passed more than a million daily active users globally.

    Slack now has over 20 million active users.

  • By Louis Allwood

    What was the issue with slack today?

    According to Slack, an issue was identified by their engineering team after a change was made in their gRPC configuration, a service that manages the internal system communication.

    As a result, Slack was down between 2:00 AM PDT – 3:05 AM PDT.

  • By Louis Allwood

    Slack back up and running

    Slack is back up and running following this morning's earlier outage.

    The messaging platform confirmed the news in its latest service status update.

    According to DownDetector, reports of issues have now dropped to below 200.

  • By Louis Allwood

    Slack dealing with the following issues

    Slack is currently working to fix problems with messaging, workflows and search.

    Users are still able to login to the messaging platform.

  • By Louis Allwood

    Slack offers advice to users

    Slack has provided the below advice to users following this morning's outages.

    Slack told The Sun: "Our teams are aware and are investigating the issue. For the latest updates please keep an eye on"

  • By Louis Allwood

    Issues start to drop

    It appears that many users are regaining access to the messaging platform following this morning's earlier outage.

    Previously there were over 5,000 reports of issues. However there is now just over 1,000.

  • By Louis Allwood

    Slack updates service status

    Slack's website states: "Slack experiencing an outage across the app.

    "Users may be experiencing trouble with sending messages, using workflows and various other actions in Slack.

    "We’re investigating and will let you know as soon as we know more. We appreciate your patience in the meantime."

  • By Louis Allwood

    Slack have 'found the issue'

    Slack has gone down for thousands of users this morning.

    The messaging platform has now claimed that they have identified the cause of the issue.

    A spokesperson said: "We've found the issue & working on it. We will be back up and running shortly."

  • By Millie Turner

    Users left furious

    With the site crash occurring in the middle of the day, Slack users have taken to Twitter to rejoice in the occasion of being incommunicado at work.

    "Slack seems down, everyone go play outside," one user tweeted.

    While others have complained about the company's outage monitoring system, which appears to have failed.

    "Slack is down globally but their downtime page shows that they're up! What good monitoring system," one Twitter user wrote.

    Another wrote: "Everyone at work losing their minds because #Slack has crashed."

  • By Louis Allwood

    Has Slack gone down before?

    The company last reported experiencing issues with the site in late May, when some users were also unable to send and edit messages, load threads, join channels and create group DMs.

    At the time, Slack discovered that a recent change in the websites coding had caused an "overwhelming impact" on its databases, which caused the issues.

    "Once we rolled back the change and our databases were in a healthier state, the issue became resolved for impacted users," the company announced at the time.

    The issue took around an hour to resolve for most users.

    However, some were still experiencing issues with messaging up to nine hours later, according to Slack's server status logs.

  • By Louis Allwood

    Slack's website claims service is 'up and running'

    According to Slack's server status website, the messenger is "up and running".

    However, thousands of users claim this isn't the case.

  • By Louis Allwood

    What are the issues?

    According to DownDetector, nearly 70 per cent of users say they can't send messages.

    The messages appear greyed out, as they haven't sent properly.

    Some 21 per cent of users have also reported problems with receiving messages.

    Meanwhile, 12 per cent say it isn't just the website that has crashed – but the iOS and Android app too.

  • By Louis Allwood

    What is Slack?

    Slack is an instant messaging platform that is popular with businesses around the world, allowing colleagues to communicate.

    The platform has grown in size following Covid due to an increased number of staff working from home.

    The website claims "Slack makes it easy to contact your colleagues – you can message anyone inside or outside your organisation and collaborate just as you would in person."

  • By Louis Allwood

    Users struggle to send messages

    Due to Slack's latest outage, work colleagues are unable to talk to each other.

    Attempting to send messages showed an error that indicated they had not been delivered.

  • By Louis Allwood

    UK outage heat map

    This heat map shows where user-submitted problem reports are concentrated over the past 24 hours.

    It is common for some problems to be reported throughout the day.

    Downdetector only reports an incident when the number of problem reports is significantly higher than the typical volume for that time of day.

  • By Louis Allwood

    Slack down for thousands

    The messaging app has gone down for thousands across the globe this morning.

    Users have been unable to load and send messages.

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