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A MOTORS expert has revealed the common mistakes to avoid when selling your car.

When selling their vehicles, many Brits feel unsure of the best route to take given the range of options available.

6.9 million cars were transacted through dealerships in 2022 alone while others flogged motors on classified ads and auction sites.

Now, experts at used-car marketplace Motorway have disclosed how to maximise your sale and make thousands of pounds.

Research commissioned by the company revealed four in 10 Brits are missing out on getting the best price for their car, by not carrying out simple tasks.

Just like anything, a car is an asset that can go up in value or depreciate depending on how it is looked after.

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Failing to change tyres (37 per cent) and neglecting to buy new floor mats (37 per cent) topped the list of the common mistakes people make when selling up.

These both hugely impact the potential final sale price, say experts.

And simply keeping your car clean could also provide a boost in income when making a sale.

Surprisingly, just over a fifth of Brits admit they don’t clean their car interior before selling, while one in 10 don’t wipe down food stains before selling.

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As well as cleaning, tasks such as polishing and repairing alloys (33 per cent) or replacing old window wipers (27 per cent) can help to add value to a second-hand vehicle.

It's always worth remembering that the better your car looks, the easier it will be to shift it to a new buyer.

However, the research revealed that just over a quarter of UK adults don’t clean the tyres when selling their vehicle, which has a knock on effect on price.

Motorists also forget to change the oil (35 per cent) and 32 per cent fail to fix damage to bodywork or polish the vehicle.

The motor whizzes found that 41 per cent of the nation actually do not know the true value of their car, with the stress of selling a vehicle often proving too much. 

And 23 per cent of Brits cite social anxieties as the reason they did not receive a good deal when selling.

Alex Buttle, Co-Founder of Motorway, said: “Just like a home-owner would conduct DIY jobs before selling, there are a few quick fixes car owners could be carrying out, to get the best price for their car.

"To start, car sellers should give their car a thorough clean, inside and out. The better the car looks, the easier it will be for a dealer to imagine the car sitting on their forecourt. 

“Replacing worn-out components is another easy fix, which will provide a return on investment. Floor mats are inexpensive and very easy to replace, which go a long way in revitalising the inside of a car.

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"And if it’s a more expensive car, replacing key features such as alloy wheels with brand new ones, could drive a much better price for the seller.”

“For many people, their car is one of their most valuable assets. However, countless car owners still don’t see their car as an asset and as such, are unaware of the value of their car or how it depreciates – or even goes up in value – over time.

Top 10 fixes for Brits to improve car value

Brits can maximise their car’s value when selling using these top tips:

  • Put on new tyres (37%)
  • Buy new floor mats (37%)
  • Change the oil (35%)
  • Polish/repair alloys (33%)
  • Fix damage to bodywork (32%)
  • Polish it (32%)
  • Make a small repair (31%) 
  • Fill the tank with petrol/diesel (29%)
  • Clean the tyres (28%)
  • Change a wiper blade (27%) 

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