Huge classic car collection including vintage Fords & VW Beetles untouched for years found abandoned in 'cemetery' | The Sun

URBAN explorers have discovered a huge classic car collection left untouched for years and abandoned in a "cemetery".

Nicholas Thon took to his social media channels to share footage of his trip to Båstnäs Car Cemetery – a Swedish automobile graveyard.

The YouTuber, also known as Urbex Nic, said: "In the woods near the Swedish/Norwegian border lies Europe's largest car cemetery.

"With people saying that there are over 1,000 cars here, it is easy to get lost in this forest of old relics from the past."

The junkyard was initially started by two reclusive brothers in the 1950s.

They collected Saabs, Volvos, Fords, Sunbeams, Buicks, Volkswagens, Opels and Fiats.

Hundreds of cars from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s can be seen spread out in the forests of the region of Värmland in Sweden.

Many of the vehicles are said to have belonged to the US military who left them after World War II.

Some are covered in moss or have trees growing through them, whole others are stacked up on top of each other.

One of the brothers reportedly still lives on the property but doesn't mind visitors coming to take photos.

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However a handwritten note nailed to one of the buildings allegedly reads: "This car cemetery is private property.

"You may still look, take pictures but DO NOT take away parts. Do not destroy or in any other way disrupt this place.

"If you open a car door, please shut it again so the next visitor can get the same experience as you did!! For info: after about 30 burglaries this year I'm fed up with it!

"I've made traps in the buildings so if you get hurt or die, I DON'T CARE! Remember in this place no one can hear you scream…"

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