Mr. Spock On A Stamp: Adam Schiff Urges U.S. Postal Service To Honor Leonard Nimoy

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is urging the U.S. Postal Service honor Leonard Nimoy with a commemorative stamp.

In a statement, Schiff called Nimoy, who died in 2015, “an extraordinary activist, actor and friend.”

“Nimoy’s legacy includes his lengthy acting career — including his beloved and iconic role as ‘Spock’ in the Star Trek universe — and his many generous contributions to the arts and sciences, and his beautiful family.”

On Monday, Schiff sent a letter to the Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee, asking them to recommend Nimoy to the Postmaster General. The committee selects individuals who have made “extraordinary and enduring contributions to American society, history, culture or environment.” Living people are not currently eligible, and those who are deceased are considered at least three years after his or hear death. Stamps also are planned two- to three- years in advance.

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Schiff wrote in his letter, “Live long and prosper! This is a phrase that is part of our lexicon, as is the unforgettable character who first proclaimed those words.”

In his letter, Schiff also cited Nimoy’s contributions beyond Star Trek.

He wrote, “As a son of Ukrainian immigrants, Mr. Nimoy serves as an example of the American dream. He gave back to his country with his years of service in the Army and his activism in his community. He was also a strong supporter of numerous art organizations in Los Angeles, as is his wife, Susan Bay Nimoy. An iconic institution in my district has benefited from the Nimoy’s generosity: the Leonard Nimoy Event
Horizon Theater at the Griffith Observatory.”

“An incredibly gifted individual, Mr. Nimoy brought his talents to the stage, to his poetry, photography, and directing.”

The Postal Service previously marked the 50th anniversary of Star Trek with a series of Forever stamps issued in 2016.

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