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AN EXPERT mechanic has revealed how you can find hidden issues with your car's air conditioning unit quickly.

Jim the Car Guy, who has over 45 years' experience fixing motors, posted a video to his YouTube channel walking viewers through some common AC issues.

First of all, he popped the hood and carried out a quick visual inspection just to check for any leaks, especially around the O-rings that seal the system at various joints.

This also involves checking for rust, which can cause the coolant lines to corrode and spring leaks.

Secondly, he inspected the condenser system, saying that he was looking out for oily spots which are a "dead giveaway" of an issue.

He said: "If there was a leak it would look like a big, greasy, oily spot."


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However, he did find one of these spots on the airfoil and the accumulator, suggesting that was where the issue began,

A closer look found that the problem was a leak in the accumulator, causing a loss of pressure to the air con system.

Another tip was, when doing any maintenance on the air con that involves disconnecting some of the pipes, always change your O-rings to make sure the seals stay tight.

Fixing a leak can be done at home, but it's best to take the car into a garage as some specialist tools and expertise are needed in most cases.

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This is especially true when dealing with more essential systems like brakes or fuel lines.

It comes after another mechanic revealed how to avoid a repair scam that could cost you hundreds of pounds.

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