I'm a mechanic with 55 years experience – here's why turning your air conditioning off won't save you money on petrol | The Sun

AN expert car mechanic has explained why turning on your air conditioning won’t save you money on your petrol.

Scotty Kilmer has 55 years experience of working with motors and knows a thing or two about them.

It’s a widely held view that switching on your AC when out and about will increase your petrol consumption rather than keeping it off.

However, Scotty doesn’t think this is true.

He explained all in a short video to his 761,000 TikTok followers.

Scotty said: “Modern cars are pretty efficient and you might not be thinking about this but when your car’s windows are rolled up your car going down the road is more aerodynamic.

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“But when you wind your windows down, it becomes less aerodynamic and less efficient.

“So, if it’s hot outside and you’ve got your windows rolled down driving along the highway you’ll get worse gas miles than if you had the windows rolled up.

“If you turn the AC on, the tiny amount of power the engine uses to run that is pretty much equal to the energy lost when you have the windows rolled down, with the AC off.

“So, unless you’re willing to drive down the highway when it’s 100 degrees outside with your windows rolled up tight, you won’t get any worse gas mileage with your AC on.”

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The social media clip has been a big hit as it has notched up nearly 918,000 views along with around 195,000 likes and generated more than 1,400 comments.

Many commentators took to the site to agree with the expert.

One person wrote: “About time someone said it, thank you.”
Another said: “Thank you. I’ve been telling my mother this but she never listens.”

While a third added: “Windows open increases drag on your car and your engine has to work harder to push you forward!”

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