Tips to achieve ‘super fluffy and fresh’ towels like a ‘hotel’ for just 25p

How to remove musty damp smells from towels

Over time, towels can turn crunchy and hard, which is unpleasant to use when getting out of a shower or bath.

White vinegar is a great cleaning product to use around the home, whether to deodorise or to soften laundry, including towels.

According to Lydia Lloyd, homeware textile designer and insider at M&S Home, achieving soft and fluffy towels isn’t hard.

The expert explained: “To achieve soft, fluffy towels at home, pay attention to how many items you place in the washing machine.

“If the load is too full, this can put a strain on the washer and cause bathroom towels to smell less fresh.

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“Use about half the recommended amount of detergent while washing towels, to prevent a build-up of product and keep towels feeling softer.

“Fabric softeners can also have the opposite effect on towels, so avoid adding this into your cycle.”

If your towels have become hard or scratchy, add a cup of vinegar to the load before washing at a temperature of 30C to 40C.

The expert recommended finishing by allowing the towels to air dry for that “fresh laundry scent” if the weather is nice.

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White vinegar not only strips residue left behind from the fabric softener, but it also works great to soften the towels.

The household essential can also help to get rid of any odours which can easily build up on towels when they do not dry fully.

The product can be picked up for around £1 from stores such as B&M for a 750ml and can be used at least four times when cleaning towels, making it an affordable cleaning method.

White vinegar shouldn’t be used every single time towels are washed, which is every three days according to experts. Instead, make sure to use it every six weeks or so to help breathe life back into the rough towels. 

If you want to go that extra step further to achieve that “luxe” feel you get in hotels, always stick to all-white bedding.

Lydia said: “For that silky soft feel, I’d recommend choosing 300 or 400 thread count in Egyptian cotton bedsheets as the breathable fabric will help to keep you cool throughout the night.

“Hotels always press or iron their sheets. The best way to do this at home is to fold your sheets in half and iron them on one side, then the other.

“Opt for a flat sheet to enable you to tightly tuck the bed sheet in around the mattress. For the best fit, stretch and pull the sheet as firmly as you can before tucking it under the corners of the mattress.”

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