Watch driver use roundabout slingshot method to speed past queuing traffic… before drivers blast him as 'selfish' | The Sun

A DRIVER has been criticised for using a controversial 'slingshot' roundabout move.

A TikTok user has shared footage which shows him using the so called technique to the beat the traffic at a roundabout.

The footage led to a mixed response

The "slingshot" manoeuvre has become popular with many online – yet there are also plenty of people infuriated by the move.

It involves switching across traffic lanes then circling a roundabout in full before bypassing cars queuing for the first exit.

The footage posted by jobbertok shows the driver using the technique to avoid a queue of cars at Rotary Way roundabout in the Newcastle area.

Some TikTok users were critical, suggesting the driver was selfish. One accused him of "queue jumping."

Another said: "If they had wanted to sit in one lane they would have built one lane."

However others appeared to applaud the driver. One said "I do this all the time."

Another said: "Work smarter not harder." And "We must embrace the slingshot."

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A woman said : "My dad taught me to do this when I was 18 and it always shocks whoever's in my car."

One driver was criticised for using the move on a roundabout in the Norfolk area.

The 28-second clip shows the other car abruptly cutting across the learner to take the roundabout's first exit.

The Jobbertok account shares videos which Shaun says should help drivers understand little-known rules of the road.

The TikToker, who used to work as for a leading UK insurer, decided to use his experience as a motor insurance claim handler to inform drivers in a bid to prevent unnecessary traffic jams.

He called other drivers "stupid" after overtaking 20 queuing cars in June.

He has also shared footage of the moment an SUV smashed into a parked car, almost ripping the driver’s door clean off.

There have been other examples of motorists using a "roundabout slingshot" trick to avoid morning traffic, while a video of a car driver losing control on a wet roundabout went viral on social media.

The advice comes as congestion trapped furious shoppers at a major city shopping centre elsewhere in northern England for hours, forcing many to abandon their cars in frustration.

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There have also been complaints from homeowners about lengthy traffic queues caused by "the UK's cheapest petrol station", in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands.

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