White Van Man’s favourite the Ford Transit has risen by thousands of pounds in last five years | The Sun

THE cost of White Van Man’s favourite vehicle — the Ford Transit — has leapt by almost £4,000 in the past five years.

Tradespeople are being hammered by the soaring cost of work vehicles, with the average price of a five to ten-year-old Transit jumping 42 per cent.

The vans cost £9,478 in June 2018 and £13,337 in June this year, according to figures compiled by Auto Trader for The Sun.

But used van sales still rose by 37 per cent in the past year, as fewer workers can afford new vans.

An Auto Trader spokesman said: “Van prices have risen sharply at a time when cost pressures have been rising across the board.

“Demand remains buoyant, however, as workers need to stay on the road.”

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The pandemic caused huge supply chain disruptions for the motor industry.

Factory shutdowns in China led to a mass shortages of parts — causing delays in the production of new vehicles and rising used-van prices.

The increase in the cost of vans comes after the Chancellor hit drivers with a £15million tax hike from April.

Basic rate taxpayers now have to pay an extra £72 a year if they use vans for private journeys, such as dropping kids off at school or doing the shopping.

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And higher-rate taxpayers face a £144-a-year hit.

Soaring fuel costs have also added to the van drivers’ misery, with diesel prices creeping above 150p a litre again this week, according to figures from the AA.

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