WhatsApp reveals brand new feature that's been wanted for years – but it could use up LOTS of data | The Sun

WHATSAPP is gaining a new feature that will let users share their favourite memories in high-definition (HD).

Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the messenger's 2billion users will be able to send photos on WhatsApp in HD quality from today.

It's great news for photographers, friends, and family alike.

But the higher the quality of an image, the bigger the file size – which means will cost more data to be sent through the airwaves.

It could end up costing users and eating through their monthly data allowance if they're not careful.

This counts for both the senders and the receivers.


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The app, the most popular messenger in the world, is the exchange hub for more than 100billion messages, links, photos, videos and more, everyday.

Currently, WhatsApp scales the photo quality down so the file size is a lot less bulky.

This makes them quicker to send and less of a data burden.

Although, folks have been asking for this feature for a long time, and have been waiting patiently since it was revealed as an upcoming option in a beta trial in early June.

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All photos will send in standard definition by default.

If there's a snap a user is particularly proud of, they'll have the option to send it in HD in the coming weeks.

While those on the receiving end of a photo will also have the option to keep it as the standard version or upgrade it to HD.

The HD Photos feature will be rolled out globally over the next few weeks.

You can update the app on your smartphone to see if you're one of the first to get their hands on it outside of the beta trial.

But if it isn't there, just wait for it to eventually land over the next week or so.

In the same announcement today, Zuckerberg revealed that WhatsApp is also set to introduce the ability to send videos in HD soon.

However, the date of this update is yet to be revealed.

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