Worst places in UK for road rage revealed as clashes rise by 40 per cent – where does your area rank? | The Sun

THE worst places in the UK for road rage have been revealed – where does your area rank?

Brits are losing control behind the wheel more than ever, according to research.

Police saw a staggering total of 2,282 road rage reports in 2022 – a hefty 40 per cent increase from the year before.

The highest amount of incidents were recorded in Lancashire – where there was a staggering 198 per cent more incidents reports than in 2021.

Coming in at a close second was Cambridgeshire, with 1,336 road rage outbursts reported to police.

Drivers in south Wales let their emotions get the better of them, with nearly 400 raging motorists.

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Leicester roads saw slightly less cases, with 314 being recorded.

In fifth place was West Mercia, where just a four per cent increase in road rage was found.

According to a survey carried out by van insurance specialists, GoShorty, a whopping 89 per cent of Brits have experienced vile behaviour on the road.

Meanwhile, nearly 40 per cent have blamed other drivers for their own road rage.

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And, over half of Brits who took part in the survey confessed they were guilty of the top five worst driving habits.

The top five worst driving habits

According to British drivers:

  • Braking suddenly to scare the person behind you
  • Tailgating someone on purpose because they drive too slow
  • Not pulling over for emergency service vehicles
  • Overtaking and then going slowly
  • Throwing rubbish out of the window

Andy Moody, Founder and Managing Director of GoShorty, said: “Our research reveals that many drivers are experiencing road rage, as both perpetrators and victims of the rude, antisocial behaviour on the roads – which clearly isn’t good for anyone.

"The revelation that this is actually learned behaviour is also concerning, particularly as it dissuades people from driving because of their experiences with rude road users. 

“It might not offer a complete solution to policing the UK’s anger issue, but our short-term insurance gives drivers the freedom to borrow friends’ or family members’ vehicles, which encourages better behaviour amongst drivers.

"In fact, 78 percent of the Brits we surveyed actually said that they’re more likely to show respect to other drivers and avoid any rude behaviour if they’re behind the wheel of a borrowed car.“

This comes as one driving expert has revealed their five top tips for avoiding a road rage clash this summer.

Plus, two motorists were caught on camera arguing over passing each other on a narrow road.

The video, shot with a smartphone and uploaded to YouTube by user Mark Coates has the title: 'Is this the most British road rage incident ever?'

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Meanwhile, shocking footage of a man sprinting after another driver wielding a piece of his crashed car as a weapon was captured in another road rage incident.

And, road rage turned deadly when a driver killed an OAP after accusing him of walking on the wrong side of the road.

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