Maserati reveals its fastest car EVER as 202mph MCXtrema dubbed ‘the beast’ is unveiled…but there’s a big drawback | The Sun

MASERATI has unveiled its brand new super car which can reach speeds of up to 202mph – but there's a major drawback for those hoping to purchase one.

The sleek MCXtrema is a V-6 supercar with brand new turbo technology that make it extremely powerful.

But those looking to get their hands on a model may be disappointed to learn that you can only drive the car on a race track, as it remains illegal on the streets.

But the 730 horsepower engine is bound to entice car lovers of all ages, though production is set to make only 62 of the supercars.

The vehicle was created in a collaboration between Centro Stile and Maserati's engineering team.

Maserati CEO Davide Grasso said of the car: "Maserati MCXtrema was created with the aim of offering an incredibly exclusive product that can set a new paradigm for our track cars.


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"The project is dedicated to a selected clientele who are particularly attentive to distinctive details, ranging from the most refined and innovative design to exceptional performance.”

A fixed racing seat with an adjustable pedal box and steering column make the car a thrilling model to drive on the track.

In a promo video, the super car could be seen whipping around corners with ease.

And each of the 62 models made of the MCXtrema will be unique in their specifics – but are priced over seven figures.

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Last year, a tycoon sparked fury when he drove his £2million Bugatti super car at nearly 260mph on a German motorway.

Prosecutors had investigated whether a prohibited race had taken place in the millionaire’s £2million vehicle on the A2 between Berlin and Hanover.

By law they had to prove whether the driver has moved “recklessly” through traffic in order to reach the “highest possible speed".

But Passer's speed was deemed to be less than 2 mph below the sports car's limited top speed, set at 261 mph because the vehicle's tyres could burst if it went faster.

The public prosecutor's office also said the motorway was nearly empty, noting good visibility and weather conditions.

Consequentially, they ruled no one was endangered during the 4.50am stunt.

With insufficient suspicion of a crime, Passer was not charged.

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