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A CLEANING expert has revealed the old kitchen item that is perfect for getting rid of spots on your windshield.

With the cost of living continuing to hit Brits hard, many are looking for cheap alternatives to things that once weren't so expensive.

For many, going and getting the car cleaned was a necessity.

But as prices for everything become steeper, many can't afford it anymore.

So an expert has shared some hints and tips on how to clean your car to the best standard with just household items.

A common problem for motorists when it's getting to that time where your car needs a good clean, is the windscreen.


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Dust, dirt and grit can all stick to it making it hard to see out of when driving.

And one way of getting your windscreen sparkly clean might not involve any extra spending.

For a lot of UK households, many will have dryer sheets under the sink for when they do their washing.

According to one expert, they are perfect for cleaning the screen and making your view better.

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The expert told Housewife How-Tos: "Scrub away bug splatters on your windshield with a wet, used dryer sheet.

"Keep your headlights shining bright by polishing them with a little toothpaste and a used dryer sheet.

"After washing and drying your chrome rims and accents, buff them with a used dryer sheet to keep them shiny.

"Stash a few in your glovebox to dust the console and dash when you’re stuck in traffic.

"Then, tuck a used dryer sheet under a seat to keep your car smelling fresh."

A helpful TikTok user also shared other ways to clean your car at home in the most beneficial way.

She recommends cleaning your wheels before the rest of the car because they're the dirtiest part.

Another low-cost hack only needs a £3 product – which can be bought easily online.

A woman demonstrates how the soft rubber-like product can clean the interior of your car because small, stubborn bits of dirt get stuck to it.

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