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HAWK-EYED Apple fans believe they've spotted a big hint as to what colours the new iPhone 15 will be available in.

It came as part of the tech giant's official iPhone 15 release date reveal.

iPhone 15 colour rumours have been swirling for months.

Theories of pink, green and yellow iPhones have done the rounds in the lead up to the grand reveal in September.

But Apple fans think they've found the most concrete slice of evidence yet, in the form of a calendar invite to the iPhone 15 launch, sent by the tech titan on Tuesday afternoon.

Fans now believe there will be four colour variations for the iPhone 15:


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  • Titanium Grey
  • Dark Titanium
  • Dark Blue
  • White

These are the colours that are prevalent in the event invite, giving an air of credibility to the rumours.

Apple could be discontinuing the Gold wrap in favour of Titanium Grey.

Although, it is possible that Apple is instead hinting at the colour themes of upcoming wallpapers.

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The Silicon Valley behemoth has a history of tipping a hat to future wallpapers with its launch invites.

On X (formerly Twitter), Apple fans are torn as to which colour they would hypothetically choose – if these colour options hit the shelves.

But others are disappointed with the supposed lack of colourful options.

"If those are the only color options I guess sticking with black at least it goes with everything," one Apple fan tweeted.

Another wrote: "If true, I find these color range to be muted overall.

"They need more vibrant color options or much wider selection of colors."

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