Sainsbury’s slash prices as food inflation eases

Groceries shoppers looking for a bargain may be able to reduce their weekly bills as supermarkets have been slashing their prices.

The latest figures for overall food inflation show it dropped from 13.4 percent in July to 11.5 percent in August meaning the rise in prices is slowing down, while supermarket bosses are reducing some prices.

Groceries industry expert Vineta Bajaj told many of the big supermarkets are slashing their prices.

He said: “Retailers cutting their costs include Ocado and Sainsbury’s who are investing multiple millions in lower prices.

“Products cut include Heinz Beans, Quaker Porridge Oats, while Sainsbury’s are actively price matching Aldi on a key list of items.”

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Ms Bajaj warned inflation could remain high throughout this year and supermarkets are using different ways to reduce their prices.

She said: “Although British supermarkets are trying to support the community by investing in reducing prices, researchers at The Institute of Grocery Distribution believe that UK food price inflation may still be around nine percent in December.

“This is driven by supply chain challenges and poor UK harvests. Ultimately, most supermarkets are addressing cutting prices in a few ways – either price cuts on selected products, price matching to the discounters or actively running key promotions to help support their customers. The choice of supermarket is ultimately a personal preference.”

Adam Bullock, UK director at TopCashback, told shoppers need to be careful about what they buy even with the drop in inflation.

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He said: “It’s certainly positive to see a dip in food inflation, however the effect of the ongoing cost-of-living crisis means that unfortunately we are not out of the woods yet and smart shopping is still essential.

“Savvy shopping is more than just what you buy or cut out, it’s also about where you shop and when.”

He urged shoppers to compare products online and look out for any special deals as well as cashback opportunities.

The savings expert shared some other tips for Britons to help keep their bills down. He said: “Buying in bulk is another savvy way to make the most of your money, especially on grocery shopping.

“Supermarkets regularly offer big bundle deals that offer huge savings on items you’ll always need like toilet roll, pet food and easy-store products that are sold in multipacks.

“On top of this, they often promote fruit and veg in three for two deals and even compete on ‘meal deals’.

“Just make sure that whatever you buy in bulk you can store in your cupboards, and you can use before they expire.”

People who have a freezer at home can also buy fresh fruit and veg when it’s on offer to freeze and then use later.

Mr Bullock also encouraged shoppers to sign up to loyalty schemes. He said: “By scanning your physical or digital loyalty card every time you shop, you’ll collect points to exchange for money off future food shops, or other instant vouchers and rewards.

“These loyalty schemes are nearly always free to join, which means you can quite literally get something for nothing.

“The best part is that some supermarkets don’t require you to spend your rewards in their stores either. Many shops have a range of partners who you can spend your rewards with instead.”

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