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BALDUR’S Gate 3 has a ridiculous amount of quests and secrets to find.

While the game has been out on PC for a month now, it has recently hit PS5, so a whole new wave of players get to explore its many adventures.

One strange encounter you’ll come across is a Drow known only as “He Who Was”.

This figure doesn’t appear to be the most trustworthy, but helping him out could net you some sweet rewards.

We’ll break down what he asks you to do, and what your rewards are depending on what choice you make.

Who is He Who Was in BG3?

Not much is known about this strange character or what his true motives or goals are.

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The only firm detail there is to know about him is his race, a Drow, who typically live in the dark and mess with evil magics.

Should you help He Who Was in BG3?

He’ll ask you to find a ledger to complete a ritual on a corpse. Even if you don’t want to aid him, it’s worth doing this first step to learn more about the situation.

Once you have the ledger He Who Was will pour the dead woman’s spirit into his body, and she can then talk to you.

You’ll find that she is responsible for the death of her friends, albeit accidentally.

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How you punish her is then up to you. Your options are to forgive her, berate her, convince her to kill herself, or kill He Who Was while his body is possessed.

If you forgive her, He Who Was will be upset and attack you, forcing you to kill him.

Convincing her to kill herself will also make He Who Was mad and you’ll still have to kill him.

Killing him isn’t really worth it, as he doesn’t drop much loot, so yes, you should help him.

In this case, that means berating the woman. He will be pleased at your choice of action and reward you with the Raven Gloves.

The Raven Gloves spawn a weak raven minion you can use in many different ways.

Written by Ryan Woodrow on behalf of GLHF.

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